Roseland Park Baptist Church
Friday, April 16, 2021
A Church That Cares in Picayune, Mississippi

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School is the original small group experience providing so much of what adults need for life and health.  An answer for every circumstance of life can be found in God's Word.  Pursue your answers by studying with a group of caring friends.  We have classes for men, women, and couples of all ages.  Find a class that is right for you, Sunday School class maps are located in the Welcome Center.   



          Department 1 (18 - 29):
                              College               Austin Mason / Damon Wilson 
                              Coed 1               Roger & Judy Myers

          Department II (30-39):
                              Ladies 2             Anita Kendrick
                              Coed 2               Brady & Lori Replogle

          Department III (40-49):
                              Ladies 3             Edith Breland

         Department IV (50-64):
                              Coed 4               Bob Hancock
          Department V (65 - 74):
                              Ladies 5             Mary Fleming
                              Coed 5               Charlie Culver / Mickey Clogher           

          Department VI (75-84):
                              Ladies 6             Sheila Herrin 
          Department VII (All Ages)
                              Ladies 7             Lolita Lee / Trish Penton
                              Men 7                 Dallas Penton
                              Coed 7               Ray Hart
                              Ladies                Emma Talavera
                              Men                   Santiago Carcamo