Roseland Park Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2024
A Church That Cares in Picayune, Mississippi

Finding a Church Home

How to find a church home
Choosing a church home that is right for you and your family is a very important decision. Several key factors, some of which are outlined below, need to be considered. This is an important process and one that may take some time. You’ll probably want to visit several churches. Remember, the key is to pray, asking God for guidance. He is able and desires to lead you to a healthy, active, growing church where you can serve Him and grow in your walk with Him and in fellowship with other believers.
  • What does the church believe about God and His involvement in our daily lives?
  • Do they teach the Trinity?
  • Do they believe in the deity of Christ?
  • Do they teach the reality of sin and Satan?
  • Do they believe salvation is by grace through faith and not works?
  • Do they believe the Bible alone is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God?
To find answers to these and other questions, you will need to do some research. The best place to start is by observation. Most churches give information material to visitors. Notice what this piece says about the church and its beliefs. Check the bulletin or other church literature for information about the focus of church programs. Note the general message the music and sermons convey as well as the prayers, rituals, and activities of the church. A visit with a staff member to ask specific questions may also be helpful. In addition, many churches offer a class on their beliefs and what membership involves.
  • What is their style of worship—Formal, informal, traditional, or contemporary—and does this style suit me?
  • What style of music—traditional hymns, contemporary choruses, or a combination—is used in the Worship Services?
  • Is the pastor’s style of preaching easy to understand and follow?
  • How much participation is expected or allowed of the congregation?
  • Does the leadership of the church have a sense of vision?
  • Are there opportunities for laity to serve or to be in leadership roles?
  • Is there a place of service for me?
  • Are the people friendly?
  • Are there people with whom I share common interests, goals, and stage of life?
  • Is there unity among the membership?
  • Do the programs meet my needs and the needs of my family?
  • Is the church committed to the spiritual growth of its members?
  • Do they offer non-educational programs—such as sports teams, counseling, or prayer groups—that are important to me?
  • What is the quality of the programs offered?
Other Considerations
  • Is the size, location, and facility suitable for me?
  • Does the church have adequate equipment and resources?
  • Is the denominational affiliation one with which I am comfortable?